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We offer our high-brightness LCD digital displays for your business, suitable for outdoor applications in the retail, transportation, and hospitality industries. Our digital screens provide content visibility regardless of lighting conditions. Our displays have been approved by the German TUV laboratory and obtained EMC and ETL certifications, ensuring durability and maximizing customer engagement with their versatile functionality.

Uniview has introduced an integrated solution for remote management and content distribution updates. Here, you can find custom digital signage models that suit your audience’s needs.

Outdoor digital signage kiosk - Uniview Commercial display

Outdoor Digital Advertising Displays

Looking for a Unique Style for Your Specific Needs?

Features & Advantages

  • Robust Design

    Highly regarded for their excellent environmental rating, our digital signage complement outdoor applications because of their sheet metal casing. Uniview outdoor displays are provided with a fully sealed or liquid particle ingress and are tested for impact resistance.

  • Screen Protection

    Uniview’s factory safeguards our delicate LCD displays with protective tempered glass or light-weight acrylic. Customizing our screens with various levels of coating that are anti-reflective, scratch-resistant and UV-protected helps extend the life of your investment.

  • Temperature Control

    Able to withstand hot and cold surroundings through its sheet metal coating, Uniview outdoor digital signage ensures that the internal mechanisms are protected for longer life. We tailor our displays to work at an optimal level in any climate.

  • Versatile Functions

    Uniview’s outdoor digital signage comes with available network and touch upgrades and plug and play for 24/7 usage. Protected from weather and vandalism through hidden controls and openings, our versatile outdoor digital displays define quality for your customers.

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