High Quality to Exceed Industry Standards

Product Certifications

All Uniview products are manufactured with high quality, undergo a full range of testing in our high-tech laboratory, and successfully pass a series of certifications verified by different contries.

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Quality Testing



All of our digital signage for outdoor applications provides a reliable level of waterproofness, and can remain in tip-top condition despite heavy rain.

Our products undergo IPX5 Water Jet Testing as a quality control measure:

  • Spray water against the LCD device under test from any direction for at least 3 minutes with water volume of 12.5 liters per minute through a nozzle of 6.3mm inner diameter.
  • No Harmful Effects

  • Zero leakage


Corrosion Resistance

Uniview's digital signage devices feature a strong and lasting finish that can effectively protect our products from corrosion.

This property of corrosion resistance is proven through Salt-Spray Testing:

  • Spray salt water over the product or component under test;
  • Leave the saltwater on it for as long as 240 hours.
  • No signs of rust or damage.
  • High-Quality Frame

  • Strong Corrosion Protection


Screen Hardness

To ensure protection against damage and violence, we use special glass for our device's screen and put it under a dropping test as quality assurance.

  • Drop a steel ball of 1 KG over the glass under test to simulate on-site damage;
  • The glass will remain intact when the dropping height is less than 1.2m, and will only break when the dropping height is more than 1.3m.

Environmental Adaptability

A full range of testing ensures our outdoor digital signage survives varying levels of temperature, humidity, solar radiation, and other challenges posed by the outdoor environment.

  • It's tested that the working condition of our LCD products is -20 ℃~+68℃, so they can be installed in most regions and countries around the world.
  • Lab testing is also carried out to evaluate our LCD devices' performance and heat dissipation in exposure to solar radiation.
  • Temperature Protection

  • UV Protection

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