Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1

    Which applications are popular for touch screen?

    Shopping Mall, Airport, Train station, Bus station and other public places.

  • 2

    What should be paid attention when use LCD display?

    A. Make sure the power you are using is within the range of the LCD display power
    B. Network setting and confirm your Network connection mode Wifi, 4G or by insert the Network cable
    C. Install CMS on your computer.
    D. Collect and make the advertising content you need to play. Then put it on CMS for transmission to the LCD screen

  • 3

    Before choose the lcd display with network function, which factors should be considered?

    A. Network access via WIFI or network cable ?
    B. Whether you need content management system ?
    C. Whether you have own software which is running on Android or Windows system ?

  • 4

    What features should be with, for one good outdoor LCD display?

    1. Beautiful design, High brightness panel , High waterproof and dustproof level, High grade glass, High heat dissipation performance
    2. The production process is complicated, the production process is many, the test type is various, the quality control is strict, conforms to the certification standard.
    3. High configuration of operating system, easy operation of CMS
    4. Clear video and picture playing, no chromatic aberration, smooth operation

  • 5

    How to split the screen?

    Standalone version : The content is generated by software such as formatfactory and copied to the USB, which is then plugged into the USB.
    Network version : Edit the programme in the Content management system/software, and send it to LCD screens.

  • 6

    What are the advantages of the outdoor lcd display compared with traditional advertising means and devices?

    A. Save money on printing and replacing poster, Save money on labor, Eco-friendly
    B. The ads of LCD display are rich, and different ads can be switched at will.
    C. Simple operation, fast query information, can be operated“
    D. The LCD is more fashionable and beautiful, its clear and vivid video & pictures to make the audio-visual effect more obvious. And the brands can easily to attract people’s attention and increase their popularity.

  • 7

    How to promote the effect of LCD display?

    A. Choose suitable installation position
    B. Play innovative ads
    C. Keep regular maintenance

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