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  • SS100, supports 3 installations-wall mounted, ceiling hanging and cart mounted, With 500 and 700 nits brightness for option, SS100 LCD virtual window no doubt will satisfy your needs to a large extend. The ultra-slim frame design highlights the pic and video content which makes it look more real and dynamic. It is a good choice for the digital window display application.

  • Uniview makes great progress for in-window display technology. Every display is factory color calibrated for remarkable color reproduction, high contrast, and superb picture quality. LED back lighting is quite energy-efficient and provides a much brighter image than traditional CCFL back lights. With a resolution of FHD or UHD, the SS100 LCD stretched screen provides a super sharp image that is easy to read the text and observing the details.


  • Shopping mall and high end retail shop or supermarket application on it
  • Support landscape and portrait screen mode
  • According to exactly application environment,its brightness screen ranging from 300/500/700nits
  • Excellent performance for heat dissipation
  • Super slim frame design

Reference Dimension

  • 38inches :958.1*302.8*61(L*W*D)
  • 28inches:780*215*59.4 (L*W*D)
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Anti-theft Lock

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Split Screen

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Remote Control

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Panel size:11~88inch


Operating system:Driver board/Standalone/Android/Windows

Operating life:5000~60000Hours

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