Semi-outdoor Window Digital Display – Make Your Content Stand Out


Advertising is becoming more and more important as a means of attracting and promoting brand awareness. Today’s advertising tends to be diversified, how to effectively promote its own brand is a question that companies have been thinking about.

Slim semi-outdoor digital signage is a leading trend in retail stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. and plays an important role in attracting consumers’ attention.

This semi-outdoor digital signage is specially designed for store windows display, suitable for any retail, supermarket and other applications, and can be clearly seen from all angles under strong sunlight.

Benefits of Installing Semi-Outdoor Window Displays for Storefront Windows

Installing window displays in store windows, through engaging content, can attract consumers’ attention and then lead them into the store, enhance brand awareness and boost sales.

Window Digital Display

Excellent Visibility and Brightness

With a bright and high-resolution display screen, Uniview LCD digital window display can show perfectly clear and vivid image regardless of external ambient lighting conditions, and is free from panel blackout defects at high temperatures. The maximum brightness of digital signage can reach up to 4000nits and the high contrast ratio of 1400:1, which can make digital signage convey information to the maximum extent.

Ultra-thin Design, Easy To Install

Uniview LCD’s digital window displays feature a modern configuration with a slim and elegant design, compatible with any shop window, space-saving and easy to install.

A variety of flexible installation options, you can choose floor or hanging installation according to the store design, compatible with any window layout. They are light weight and you can move them easily.

Extensive Customizability

The digital signage can be widely customized, suitable for many different commercial spaces, for displaying products, services, promotions and information sharing. In addition, digital signage can enhance the shopping experience by displaying information about the store such as opening hours and contact information on the screen throughout the day.

On the other hand, the window digital display support HDMI, USB, RJ45 and other interfaces, allowing you to easily update and replace content.

Flexible Usage

One of the main differences between digital signage and traditional displays is that the content of digital signage can be easily changed and updated content can be scheduled by appointment.

It can support displaying various types of content, such as:

  • picture
  • video
  • animation
  • interactive ads


And the digital window display can be accessed remotely, the administrator can update the content at any time for easy and unified management.

Strong and Durable

Uniview LCD digital display adopts commercial display, which has good heat dissipation performance and can be used continuously (sometimes 24H operation) without performance degradation due to overheating.

Targeted display of your products and services through digital signage displays can help you promote your business.

Uniview Commercial Display is a leader in the field of digital signage technology, with more than 12 years of rich experience in the industry. As a professional digital signage supplier and manufacturer , we have been committed to providing customers with optimal and cost-effective digital display solutions.

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