Why You Should Use A Touch Screen Kiosk


What are the advantages of touch screen kiosks over non-touch digital signage? The touch screen kiosk is designed to promote user interaction and increase user participation. Customers can process information by simply touching the screen with fingers instead of intermediate devices such as buttons or mice, just like smartphones. The interaction touch function of the touch screen provides more possibilities for digital signage.

How can you use your digital signage to provide more interactive elements for customers to stay longer? This plays a vital role in the shopping experience.

What is an Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk?

A touch kiosk is a digital signage that can realize interactive functions, generally through physical touch on the touch screen to function. Touch screen kiosks integrate software, hardware, and screens that display content to provide certain self-service, allowing customers to get the information and services they need at any time.

The touch screen kiosk can display information, entertainment, important communication, navigation, ticket purchase, etc. Its interactive function can provide functions that traditional or non-touch digital kiosks cannot achieve.

Interactive touch kiosks are generally placed in easy-to-access areas. All people in need can easily use functions such as checkout, wayfinding, and ticket collection. Compared with manual services, self-service can improve efficiency and reduce queuing waiting time.

The Advantages of Touch Screen Kiosks

Reduce Waiting Time and Improve Efficiency

Interactive touch kiosks can provide assistance to customers, reduce queue waiting time, and respond quickly. For example, interactive information kiosks used for digital wayfinding can generally be used in large shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, museums, etc., providing customers with correct navigation. And touch screen kiosks can not only answer common questions frequently, but also provide pricing and purchasing information for products and service.

Increase Sales

Many shoppers may not be sure what they need to buy when walk into the store. For example, they may want to purchase skincare products but are not sure about the brand or type they want. During the process of browsing skincare products, other products may also attract customers’ interest, and they can also display discounts, special offers, bundled sales, etc. that customers may be interested in on the digital display to promote sales.

Improve Business Efficiency, Long-running

The touch screen display can realize 7/24h operation, so that customers can get high-standard and high-quality services whenever they need services, and reduce labor costs.

Analyze Customer Behavior

Interactive touch display are the perfect way to understand customers’ opinions on your service and analyze customer behavior. Digital signage can store data to allow businesses to better understand customer behavior.

Building a Brand and Providing Marketing Opportunities

Interactive digital signage provides brand display opportunities. While providing services, it can also showcase your brand and logo, promote your services, and provide businesses with alternative ways to market goods and services.

Especially the remote update function of interactive touch kiosks, which can be easily switched or updated according to the day or special activities.

Why is Uniview’s Digital Touch Screen Display Suitable For Your Business?

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