Uniview Indoor Totem Digital Signage Applied in Retail Store


Uniview indoor totem digital signage-UT1900 applied in retail store, which help your advertisement out in style and attractive.

Installing Uniview’s indoor digital signage UT1900 in retail stores can promote consumer purchases by statically or dynamically advertisements, promotional information. Freestanding digital signage displays are perfect for welcoming visitors, advertising new products and informing people about aspects of your business. Uniview indoor totems comes in various sizes from 43”- 65” with commercial grade LCD screen.

With 700nits the IPS panel of UT1900 shines brighter than any indoor LCD display while delivering superior image & sound quality and color depth at 178° ultra-wide viewing angle in portrait orientation. Each display comes with an in-built media player, either Plug and Play, Android or Windows. The Full HD screen is designed to run 24/7 so it is built to last longer than a traditional TV. Simple installation, you are able to use it as a simple way to display numerous advertisements in one space in an eye-catching way or you could use it as a tool to get your customers to interact with your business. The content is easy to update from any remote location with digital signage software.