Uniview 65″ Outdoor Dual Sided Kiosk Installed in Klagenfurt


The town of Klagenfurt in southern Austria is an important economic center of Austria. So, to let the community know what was going on – an 65” Outdoor Dual Sided Information Kiosk was installed.

Outdoor Dual Sided Kiosk is an outdoor lCD kiosk that two sides can be both LCD display, or one side LCD display and another side light box. It’s ideal for businesses that need to display both outdoor and indoor content on the same digital signage kiosk. It’s Double sided screens on both sides will make sure the passer-by will never miss your advertising, wherever they come. Uniview Outdoor Dual Sided kiosk is the best way to get double the value for your money for advertising.

The features of lCD digital kiosk:

· Outdoor Protection: the IP grade of Uniview LCD digital kiosk reaches IP65, it can show your advertising well no matter how extreme the weather with metal casing and tempered glass-cover.

· Automatic brightness control: The brightness of the outdoor lCD kiosk can automatically adjust the brightness of the LCD screen with the change of light and weather, even under strong sunlight, it also can catch people’s eyeballs for the first time.

· Automatic Temperature & humidity Control: Equipped with heat sinks, fans and even air conditioners, The LCD digital kiosk which can work in a normal temperature and humidity environment.

· Additional monitoring devices are available.

· 24 Hours/7 days running.

Based on its product feature, the outdoor dual sided kiosk is suitable for parks, shopping malls, hotels, cinemas, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about Uniview LCD outdoor digital signage, especially as they are being used by the outdoor industry, please feel free to reach out to one of our today. You can complete the inquiry form below, email us at lcdsales@univiewlcd.com, or call +86-755-21009715. We look forward to hearing with you and discussing how we can help make your business shine!