The Trends For Indoor And Outdoor Digital Signage


The advertising industry has been one of the first to adopt new technologies, especially digital signage. New technologies and innovations are driving the development of digital signage.

In most cases, digital signage has advantages over static signage. You may have seen dynamic ads in retail stores at the shopping malls, digital billboards on highways, etc. Now, more and more industries, such as catering, retail, education, hotel, healthcare, etc., invest in digital signage to benefit their businesses.

In this article, we discuss the trend of digital signage in indoor and outdoor applications.

Increase In Outdoor Digital Signage

Whether you are in a theme park, on the side of the road, or at the bus stop, your attention will always be attracted by dynamic videos or pictures. Consumers receive about 6,000 to 10,000 advertising impacts per day, and the people’s attention span is less than 8 seconds. How to make your advertisement or brand stand out from the crowd?

This is the advantage of outdoor digital signage applications. There are many ways to display digital signage. Digital display can support text, pictures, video and interactive functions, and can also integrate functions such as cameras and environmental monitoring. Using the dynamic and interactive content is easier to attract the attention of the audience.

Rise Of Touchscreen Innovation

Touch interaction function is an important feature of digital signage. Touchscreen technology has fundamentally changed the way we receive information. Research shows that a majority of school children, around 65% have a smartphone and almost half of them, 47% use a tablet daily. The combination of interactive touch screens and digital signage makes digital signage ideal for wayfinding display, self-service kiosks, and digital menu board and even gaming.

Multifunctional Digital Signage

Different industries and application scenarios have different requirements and functions for digital signage. Digital signage can integrate multiple functions, such as static images, video, audio, HTML, Flash animation, environmental monitoring, cameras, etc. You can also display the same content on multiple digital display, or on different screens of the same digital signage display different content.

Use Of QR Codes

QR codes allow you to quickly access web content from your mobile phone and are popular in public spaces, retail stores and restaurants.

Adding dynamic QR codes to digital signage can track, scan, and evaluate the success of your activities. It is also an excellent strategy to attract consumer participation, such as using QR codes to set up discount coupons or allowing customers to access your websites or social media.

With the popularity of QR codes after the epidemic, we can see the use of QR codes will continue to grow.

Digital signage technology has been developing to help businesses transmit information more effectively. The utilization of digital signage as a marketing tool is highly recommended. Many businesses have already taken advantage of its potential and are using it to boost their profits. Digital signage has become one of the most popular advertising and information smart display media now.

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