The Advantages Of Dual-sided Digital Signage


Double-sided digital signage is a cost-effective marketing method. Compared with single-sided digital signage, what are its significant advantages?

In this article, we will discuss the unique advantages of double-sided digital signage together.

Advantages of double-sided digital signage

Double-sided digital signage literally means that it has two screens that can display content, and the two screens can display the same content or different content, or one display can display dynamic image, and the other can display static content as a digital poster.

That means with a dual-sided digital display, you have twice the display space and exposure opportunities to attract potential customers and drive sales. For example, if an outdoor double-sided digital signage is placed at an intersection or square with a high traffic flow, consumers can interact with the digital display no matter which direction they pass by.

The semi-outdoor window display is generally placed in the window of the shop, with one side facing the street, and the display is fully readable in sunlight, with a brightness of more than 2000 nits, displaying promotional activities in the store, and one side facing consumers in the store, with a brightness of more than 500 nits, displaying the product information or services provided in the store can reach more audiences at the same time.

Double-sided digital signage presents content on two separate screens, delivering a greater return on investment than single-sided digital display. Because the content of digital signage can be customized, it is very easily to modify. You can display different content at different times of the day, or play it regularly according to the time period.

Application of dual-sided digital signage

Dual-sided digital signage can display information, advertisements, products, services, and is ideal for attracting customers and promoting sales in busy venues.

Whether it is a shopping mall, pedestrian street, school, park, hotel, hospital, etc., double-sided digital signage can adapt to the environment and make your business stand out.

Get more from dual-sided digital signage

To get the most out of double-sided digital signage, choosing the right digital signage is important, as is the right mix of content. A double-sided display means you can display two kinds of information at the same time, either the same information or complementary information.

Uniview Commercial Display offers a variety of double-sided digital signage options:

Indoor Digital Signage

Semi-Outdoor Window Display

Outdoor Double Sided Digital Signage

If you want to know whether double-sided digital signage is more worth investing in, as a professional supplier and manufacturer of digital signage, we can tailor a better solution for you according to your budget.