How To Get The Most Out Of Outdoor Digital Signage


How to better enhance brand awareness and promote sales is something that every enterprise has been considering. In order to attract more target customers, using digital marketing is an effective marketing strategy, and digital signage is one of them.

Digital signage conveys information to customers in the form of information or pictures and videos, and is an effective platform or marketing tool to increase sales and profits. Digital signage is divided into indoor digital signage, semi-outdoor digital signage, and outdoor digital signage. As a digital signage supplier, today I would like to share with you how to get the maximum return on investment from outdoor digital signage.

The role of outdoor digital signage

Marketing is an essential part of an enterprise, how to make your enterprise stand out from the competition? People see hundreds of different ads every day while waiting for a bus, shopping, or commuting. If your ad fails to catch the attention of potential customers, your ad’s effectiveness will be greatly reduced among the hundreds of ads.

Outdoor digital signage displays are designed for outdoor purposes and are generally placed in areas with high traffic, such as shopping malls, bus stops, in front of shops, intersections, parks, etc.

New research shows that people do pay attention to signs while driving, especially signs with high-contrasting colors, bold text, and concise information, and dynamic content is more likely to attract attention. Compared with traditional print advertising, outdoor digital signage makes outdoor display more effective, flexible, interactive and personalized.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Digital Signage?

So how to get the most out of your digital signage, here are some proven digital signage strategies.

1. Choose a effective location

The location of outdoor digital signage is an important factor in determining the target audience. When planning where to place digital signage, depending on your needs, place digital signage where it can be seen and noticed by crowds and away from shared advertising spaces where other signs may distract customers. At the same time, ensure that there are no obstacles such as utility poles and trees in front of the outdoor digital signage, so as to obtain the maximum display effect.

2. Readability

Brightness is an important parameter to measure digital signage, and it is also a factor that must be considered when purchasing. For outdoor digital signage, readable in sunlight can ensure that the content of outdoor digital signage is clearly visible. At the same time, the direction of the sun should be considered. If the digital signage faces the direct sunlight for a long time, it will not only affect the clarity of the display, but also cause the outdoor digital signage to overheat due to the long-term direct sunlight, which will affect the performance of the display.

3. Focus on design and content

Effective digital signage strategies must leave a deep impression or impact on the minds of passers-by. The layout, color, graphics, and font size, or call-to-action, convey your message through simple content or images. You know, the customer’s gaze stays for only a second or two, so the content of the design should not be too complicated to understand. A simple, eye-catching phrase or slogan is usually the best way to attract customers.

Of course, you can also consider using high-contrast colors or text, which will help the information to be read clearly.

4. Integrate Interactive Content

One advantage of digital signage that distinguishes it from traditional advertising is that it can integrate interactive functions. The application of touch screen in digital signage can encourage passers-by to interact more with your content, giving customers more sense of participation and impression. One of the typical applications of the interactive touch screen display is a wayfinding solution. Customers can easily find the route and direction through the outdoor digital signage.

With the development and progress of digital technology, digital signage can play colorful content and support remote updates, which makes digital signage the first choice for many companies to invest in outdoor advertising. Although the upfront cost is higher compared to static advertising, digital signage is undoubtedly more advantageous in the long run.