Uniview‘s Innovative Solutions For Outdoor Digital Signage at ISE2024


The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 concluded recently, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and exhibitors alike. As a leading company specializing in digital signage, we were excited to showcase our latest digital display products and innovations at this esteemed event. Our focus on technological advancements, particularly in local dimming outdoor digital kiosk, maintenance-free digital display solutions, and high-visibility semi-outdoor window display, etc. garnered significant attention and paved the way for fruitful discussions and partnerships.

In this event, Uniview Commercial Display demonstrated how to use outdoor digital signage to maximize the use of outdoor spaces, such as pedestrian centers in shopping streets, commercial complexes, bus stops, etc.

Outdoor Digital Signage with Local Dimming Solution

At ISE 2024, we proudly showcased our cutting-edge outdoor digital signage solutions with local dimming that the power consumption of digital displays can be significantly reduced, with measured energy savings of up to 30%. With a high contrast ratio up to 100000:1, the outdoor digital signage will make pictures more vivid.

This innovative feature enhanced the visibility and legibility of our digital displays, even in challenging outdoor environments. The local dimming outdoor digital signage solution not only provided exceptional brightness and contrast but also improved energy efficiency, resulting in reduced power consumption. Attendees were thrilled to witness the superior visual impact our displays offered, making them an ideal choice for various outdoor advertising applications.

Maintenance-Free Outdoor Digital Signage Solutions

One of the standout features of our digital display products—V100L series exhibited at ISE 2024 was their maintenance-free nature. Frequent replacement of filter, high maintenance costs, the post-maintenance of digital signage have always been a headache for customers. Without filters, this 55” wall-mounted outdoor digital signage exhibited at this exhibition requires no regular maintenance. Also it can avoid the noise complaints without fans. The optical boning panel for the wall-mounted outdoor digital signage gives greater contrast and makes the digital screen more viewable in outdoor or high bright conditions.

By reducing maintenance requirements and improving reliability, businesses can focus on their core operations without worrying about frequent service interruptions and high maintenance costs.

Products on display this time include Uniview Commercial Display’s 86” outdoor advertising display – landscape, double-sided digital signage for bus stops, 55” semi-outdoor digital window display, etc., with a maximum brightness of 4000nits. These advertising display can be deployed in the toughest environments while delivering the best visual performance and longest lifetime on the market.

Participating in ISE 2024 provided us with a valuable platform to showcase our technological innovations in outdoor digital signage. We have been making continuous breakthroughs on the road of industry innovation to bring better digital display solutions to our partners. We look forward to translating the momentum gained at ISE 2024 into meaningful partnerships and collaborations that will further revolutionize the way businesses engage with their audiences through outdoor digital signage.

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