The Four Type Of Digital Signage


Digital signage is a part of electronic signage that displays digital images, videos, web, weather, menus or text with the technologies such as LCD displays, LED displays, and projection. They are generally placed in public spaces such as stadiums, museums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, commercial streets, etc., to provide wayfinding, exhibitions, promotion and outdoor advertising.

The different uses of digital signage can help companies achieve various goals and are generally divided into the following categories:

  • Dynamic digital signage  
  • Advertising digital signage  
  • Automated digital signage
  • Interactive Digital Signage

Dynamic digital signage

What’s the dynamic digital signage? Dynamic digital signage is the display of images and videos in a full-page or multi-area model on interior and exterior displays dynamically. It can display the content you want to promote on LCD displays, interactive kiosks or tablets, undoubtedly, dynamic digital signage has advantages over traditional printed media and static devices. As a result, businesses show more targeted and personalized content for improved customer experience. It mostly used in retail, healthcare, clinic, QSR and other industries. Dynamic digital signage has the ability to surprise people and capture their attention and make people spend up more time looking at advertising screen than a traditional ad.

Advertising digital signage

Advertising digital signage is a common digital display in our life and work, that allows companies to communicate with their target audience. In subways, railway stations, airports, highway entrances and exits, bus kiosks, etc., we can see eye-catching advertising boards using LED screens or LCD screens, which are one of the essential facilities in public places.

Generally, these advertising digital signage allow a company to create, manage, distribute, and publish its own content, combining the advantages of digital advertising and more conventional external advertising. Thanks to dynamic digital advertising at the point of sale, you can reach consumers right at the critical moment of the decision.

Automated digital signage

Compared with dynamic digital signage and advertising digital signage, automated digital signage is not widely known, but you must have seen it. For example, for the bus station, the arrival time, timetable, waiting time, etc. of the next bus are displayed on digital signage. Automation is also very popular in factories. Automated digital signage is increasingly common in factories to communicate performance indicators on production metrics, quality metrics, and health and safety information.

Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive Digital Signage was called “interactive terminals”, “interactive kiosks” or “smart kiosks”, which is the more popular way to promote your business. As an innovative digital signage solutions, allow all customers to touch, swipe and interact with the advertising screen. There is a typical application is shopping mall, with the application of interactive digital signage, customers informed in real time of the services and activities offered by the shore nearby. Personalized maps, rich wayfinding systems, help guide customers to the store they are looking for. 

And it will turn your boring digital signage into a funny interactive touch experience. Inspire, Inform & Connect with Interactive Touch Screen Solutions, this not only increases engagement and recall, but can give valuable information about how users relate to a brand.

There are many types of digital signage, but these are the most common and popular ones.  With digital signage it will make your internal and external communication effective. Each type has its own advantages and uses, but they are all easy to update with new information and content. This saves businesses time and money because they don’t have to invest in new signs when updating their content.

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