The Differences Between LED and LCD Displays?


Displays are everywhere these days, such as computer, mobile phone, TV, and digital signage, etc.  but do you know what kind of display it is? Many people don’t understand the difference between LCD displays and LED displays, and often get confused. Today, we will discuss the main differences between these two display technologies and their main advantages in digital signage application.

First of all, let’s figure out the meaning of LED and LCD? LED is short for “Light Emitting Diode” and the LCD stands for “Liquid Crystal Display”, both are widely used in digital signage, but their principles are quite different. The names of the screens reference how they work.

LCD Displays

Liquid crystal displays(or LCD display) are displays that use liquid crystals to control light transmittance. They don’t generate their own light source. LCD screens have a layer of liquid crystal that is placed between two plates. When light passes through a portion of the liquid crystal, an image is created. The liquid crystal material itself does not emit light. There are lamps on both sides of the display screen as light sources. There is a backlight plate and a reflective film on the back of the liquid crystal display screen. The backlight plate is composed of fluorescent substances, which can emit light and provide uniform background light. For a LCD display, its brightness is often related to its back panel light source. The brighter the back panel light source is, the brightness of the entire LCD display will also increase.

Advantage of LCD Display:

  • It consumes less power
  • It includes millions of colors
  • It is lighter than LED
  • LCD display delivers good picture quality but less than LED
  • less costly than LED

Disadvantage of LCD Display:

  • It needs extra light sources
  • It have also restricted viewing angle
  • Its speed is very slow

LED Displays

Light-emitting diode (or LED display) is a display by controlling semiconductor light-emitting diodes, and the light-emitting principle is similar to the ordinary light bulbs.

LED display is a self-luminous display technology, which consists of red, blue and green LED matrix forming a single pixel element, by controlling LED traffic light beads to replace the content displayed on the screen, such as text, images, animation, etc. LED is a type of LCD that actually accompanies the advancement of technology. This replaces the fluorescent tube with backlight technology, which produces a clearer picture than the LCD. 

 Advantage of LED Display:

  • LED have very long life
  • It requires low maintenance
  • LED doesn’t produce heat
  • LED is highly efficient

Disadvantage of LED Display:

  • It is more costly
  • It have restricted viewing angle

Which is best for you in the field of Digital Signage? LCD or LED Display?

The competition between LCD and LED display technologies is driving the growth of the “indoor & outdoor” digital signage market.

Digital Signage Solution in a broad sense refer to display terminals that publish information or product advertisements in public places, such as shopping mall, transportation, hospital, etc.. In the early days, digital signage were mainly used for indoor commercial advertising display. Indoor advertising display mainly used liquid crystal display technology, which had the characteristics of high resolution, rich colors, and easy installation and maintenance. Later, with the further development of LCD panel technology and the decline in the cost of high-brightness screen, many digital signage began to turn to the outdoor market. Due to the special outdoor environment, outdoor advertising display require high brightness, waterproof, dustproof and durability.

Starting in 2021, the growth rate of outdoor digital signage display products will gradually exceed that of indoors. LCD was the mainstream display terminal product for digital signage. People often have the question “For outdoor scenes, is LED digital signage more advantageous in terms of brightness and price than LCD digital signage?” It seems to be, but with the advancement of LCD panel display technology, LCD outdoor digital signs Signage has become more competitive.

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