Application For Outdoor Digital Signage


Outdoor digital signage has seen huge growth in popularity around the world in recent years. Compared to printed signs, the Outdoor digital signage are used to reinforce branding, promote products and services, or advertise sales and promotions on roadside billboards. Roadside billboards and outdoor signs adopts bright colors and real animations, which can catch people’s attention at the first time.

Now the application of digital outdoor sign for business can be seen everywhere, such as schools, bus stops, supermarkets, public places, etc. According to the data released by relevant agencies, the proportion of outdoor large-scale digital signage in commercial building information release is close to 40%, which is its main application scenario. The demand for outdoor digital signage in the bus and subway is second, accounting for more than 20%.

Before you decide to buy an outdoor digital signage, you need to figure out the difference between an LCD displays and an LED advertising displays, so that you can better help you choose what best for you. Here we’ll discuss the practical application for outdoor digital signage.

LCD Display for Bus Stop and Transit Information 

Bus stop digital signage is used to display bus schedules, local information, maps, real-time arrival, departure times and advertisements. Outdoor digital signage can help passengers, especially those coming to the area for the first time, ensure they are on the correct bus and know where they need to get off. It can improve smart cities and keep residents happy and informed. Due to the large flow of people on the bus stop, it is a great way to promote products, brands and services.

Outdoor Digital Signage for Retail & Shopping Malls

In the past, the commercial places relied on manual recommendation and introduction. Since the advent of digital signage, retail stores and large shopping malls have used digital signage to display their brands, products and promotions. On the one hand, it can reduce operating costs, and at the same time, it can bring customers a new shopping experience through colorful pictures, interactive video or audio. By utilizing strategically placed outdoor digital signs, you’ll be able to boost sales and better compete with other stores for valuable attention from pedestrians.

Outdoor Digital Signage for Parks and Public Spaces

Using outdoor digital Signage within parks, schools and other public spaces gives you the opportunity to provide useful data alongside, local event details, community bulletins, news headlines, and weather alerts, emergency alerts, etc. Using multiple outdoor digital signs throughout a park allows you to create cohesive messaging that can be updated remotely to change during the day or week. With high traffic volumes, parks also make for great advertising space.

Outdoor Digital Signage for parking

Using digital signage in the parking lot can clearly know the parking situation, vacancy and orientation of the parking lot, so that customers can quickly find a suitable parking space. This can save a lot of time for the customers and effectively solve the problem of difficult parking and hard to find parking spaces.

Outdoor Digital Signage for Restaurant Menu Boards

Restaurant adopts digital menu boards can grab consumers’ attention and rotate multiple promotions within a single space. It’s an innovative way to cut costs, improve sales, and highlight different foods throughout the day. Instead of having to manually change out the menu and deal with high printing costs, digital menus require little to no effort to manipulate and saves you money on traditional advertising methods.

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