Meet At Qatar World Cup! LED Display Made In China Lights Up Lusail Stadium


On November 21, 2022, the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar opened successfully. The large LED display screens of the eight stadiums of the World Cup in Qatar, various peripheral commercial display screens, and TV broadcast screens are all supplied by Chinese commercial display manufacturers.

When it comes to sports, you can’t do without the gym. The crowded environment combined with the ultra-large high-definition display screen on the field and the ultra-wide-area viewing angle make the audience outside the field feel like they are in the World Cup scene, allowing the audience to have an excellent experience of the event. The upsurge of sports culture is advancing with the times, and what complements it is the ever-improving display technology.

Due to its geographical location, Qatar has the high temperature and strong sunshine, which requires the LED display screens used in the venues of this World Cup to have better heat dissipation and higher brightness. Lusail Stadium covers an area of 190,000 square meters and can accommodate more than 80,000 spectators. It is the largest competition stadium of this World Cup and the venue for the finals. The commercial display screen customized by Unilumin Technology for Qatar has a total area of 70.78 square meters, which has improved the overall heat dissipation efficiency of the product by more than 50%, and the brightness has also been greatly improved to provide fans with a better watching experience.

Commercial display screens and display control systems have become necessary device for many international sports venues. With the development of LED and LCD display technology and the transformation and upgrading of sports venues, today’s sports venues have replaced traditional light bulbs and CRT displays with LED/LCD displays, and the displayed content has gradually changed from numbers to text, pictures and video. As the main means of game information display and game live broadcast, the video wall display of the stadium is connected with the timing and scoring system of the game, plays the players’ game results and related materials, releases sports game information, and displays text animations, video images It is one of the most important information release carriers on the scene, and it is the “field atmosphere group” among many facilities in the stadium.

In sports events, besides the LED video walls used for on-site broadcasting and scoring, what other typical applications are there?

1. Outdoor digital display screen with high brightness

The outdoor high-brightness digital display screen of the stadium is mainly used for advertising and event broadcasting. Outdoor digital display screens with perfect display effects, wide viewing range and high brightness to ensure that viewers can clearly watch the event from all angles. Moreover, the content of the outdoor display screen can to be remotely controlled at any time.

2. Electronic bulletin display screen

Sports events are a large-scale group event, so electronic bulletin display screens are the essential device. Display screen can be installed in the office building, ticketing center, TV broadcasting center, audience entrance passage, VIP service area, and athlete life service area in the gymnasium to display some announcements, schedules, etc. The content of the announcement can be displayed prominently using the electronic announcement screen, and the content can be upgrade at any time.

3. Information Display Screen

In elevator entrances, passages, rest rooms, restaurants and other places, select commercial display screens of corresponding sizes according to specific locations as a advertising display to broadcast advertisements, game information announcements, and Internet information. With richer information interaction, the audience can have a better experience and get more information during the process of entering, resting and leaving.

4. Wayfinding Display Screen

Install digital touchable screen display in places where the main flow of people is concentrated, such as in the athletes’ living area and ticketing center, and the entire venue distribution, match schedule, ticketing information, venue routes, urban traffic routes, and tourist routes are displayed in an interactive manner, so that the audience can obtain relevant two-dimensional and three-dimensional information in a timely manner. In the digital screen display, you can also choose a screen that can be displayed in split screens, half of the screen is used for touch interactive touch screen, and half of the screen is used for advertising screen and other information.

Today, LED/LCD commercial display screens have become an essential facility for modern large-scale sports venues. The display system of the gymnasium must be able to clearly, timely, and accurately display the information of sports competitions. At the same time, the system is required to have a simple, clear, accurate, fast, and easy-to-operate man-machine interface, support various sports competition projects, and facilitate maintenance and upgrades.