Local Dimming – Make Your Digital Signage More Energy-efficient


Digital signage has become ubiquitous in various public spaces, from shopping malls to airports and even restaurants. These vibrant digital displays captivate audiences, conveying messages and advertisements with stunning clarity and visual appeal.

Therefore, it is crucial to achieve the best display quality. Local dimming technology has become an effective solution, which can perfectly improve the display screen contrast of LCD advertising displays and improve the overall visual performance.

What’s local dimming?

Local dimming is a backlight technology used in LED displays that can significantly improve the contrast of the digital display. The brightness of each area is calculated and controlled accurately through a multi-partition image algorithm. When the brightness of the displayed picture is high, the backlight brightness of the corresponding area is very bright. When the brightness of the displayed picture is dark, the brightness of the corresponding backlight area is very dark. When the screen is black, the corresponding backlight area is completely turned off.

Digital Signage With Local Dimming

The advantages of using Local dimming on LCD digital signage

Enhanced Contrast Ratio

Local dimming is a feature that allows LCD digital display to dynamically adjust the backlighting for different areas of the screen. By selectively dimming or turning off specific backlight zones, local dimming achieves deeper blacks and brighter whites, resulting in an enhanced contrast ratio. This improvement in contrast produces images that are more vivid and lifelike, making the content on LCD digital signage truly captivating.

Improved Picture Quality

With local dimming, LCD digital signage can achieve better picture quality by reducing blooming and halo effects. Blooming occurs when bright objects on a dark background bleed into adjacent areas, creating a halo-like glow. Local dimming mitigates this issue by dimming the backlight in specific zones, preventing the spread of light and reducing blooming. This improvement ensures that text, images, and videos displayed on digital signage remain sharp and clear, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Local dimming also contributes to energy efficiency in LCD digital signage. By selectively dimming or turning off backlight zones that display darker content, power consumption can be significantly reduced. This targeted approach to backlight control allows for energy savings without compromising on image quality. As a result, businesses can enjoy cost savings on electricity bills while maintaining visually striking digital displays.

Increased Lifespan

Digital signage is subject to constant use, often operating 24/7 in public spaces. Local dimming helps extend the lifespan of these panels by reducing the strain on the backlighting system. By dynamically adjusting the backlight intensity, local dimming prevents overheating and reduces the overall stress on the LCD panel. This prolongs the operational life of the digital signage, resulting in lower maintenance costs and improved return on investment.

Customizable and Adaptive

Local dimming technology offers the flexibility to customize the backlighting according to specific content and ambient lighting conditions. Digital signage equipped with local dimming can adapt to various environments, ensuring optimal visual performance in both bright and dim lighting situations. This adaptability makes LCD digital signage with local dimming suitable for a wide range of applications, such as outdoor digital kiosks, retail stores, and interactive kiosks.

Local dimming is a game-changing technology that significantly enhances the performance of LCD digital signage. With its amazing visual effects and energy-saving features, it has become the best choice for many outdoor advertising agencies. If you have not experienced the visual effects of local dimming combined with digital signage, contact us now.