Local Dimming Digital Signage: A Wise Choice for Energy Efficiency and Enhanced Display Performance


During the actual use of digital signage, high power consumption has always been a headache for operators. Considering this issue, Uniview Commercial Display has launched a local dimming digital signage solution. Compared with conventional digital signage, digital signage with local dimming has lower energy consumption and can better restore the color display purity.

In this article, we present the findings of our comprehensive test and comparison between 55″ local dimming digital signage and conventional digital signage.

Why local dimming digital signage?

Digital signage with local dimming ensures intelligent brightness adjustment of different LED backlight zones behind the LCD panel, based on the specific content being displayed. It helps to avoid prolonged exposure to overly bright or dark images and reduces visual fatigue. Local dimming can also reduce the power consumption of the display, rather than maintaining a constant high power consumption state.

Local dimming is energy-friendly and always ensures optimum power consumption of the LCD screen by automatically adjusting the brightness based on the different requirements of the picture presentation and the external environment. Acting as a visual master, it offers the optimal brightness and color saturation solution. It can present vivid pictures and relieve visual fatigue at the same time, which cares about both your eyes and the machine.

So, how much energy can be saved by using local dimming digital signage?

We recently conducted a test, under the same environment and conditions, the power consumption of a 55” conventional outdoor digital signage is 0.41kw/h, while the power consumption of a digital signage with local dimming is 0.2kw/h under the same conditions. Amazingly, the energy consumption is reduced by 50%!

While saving energy, it can achieve more precise zone light control due to the use of local dimming technology, and bring a purer black field by partially shutting down the backlight, thereby enhancing the display effect.

With vibrant colors, enhanced brightness, and superior contrast ratios, this technology elevates the visual impact of your content. Whether it’s showcasing multimedia presentations, dynamic advertisements, or engaging visuals, the local dimming digital signage ensures your message stands out with unrivaled clarity and vibrancy. Prepare to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression with every interaction.

Left: Display Effect of Local Dimming Digital Signage / Right: Display Effect of Conventional Digital Signage)

Application of Local Dimming Digital Signage

Local dimming digital signage can be widely used in various public spaces, such as public transportation, retail stores, airports, and hospitality, based on its superior energy saving and excellent display effect.

Uniview Commercial Display understands the evolving needs of businesses and remains at the forefront of innovation. We consistently seek ways to enhance user experiences, improve energy efficiency, and deliver cutting-edge features. With Uniview Commercial Display, you can elevate your visual content to new heights, captivate your audiences, and leave them a lasting impression.