5 Features Of Outdoor Digital Signage


As technology has advantaged, compared to static and paper poster, our eyes will be attracted by dynamic, colorful images or videos, that allow for dynamic user interaction. Digital signage can help to engage potential customers, improve your brand name recognition and increase revenue. Showing information about flash sales, discounts, advertising and other deals can be a great way to bring people in the doors. 

The digital signage can be applied in many fields to advertise, inform, entice, and engage customers near and far.

1. Glass Treatments

Due to the nature of outdoor environments, it is important to consider glass treatments for digital signage to achieve the best performance outdoors. Uniview LCD’s outdoor advertising display is made of tempered glasses, which is resistant to shattering and can withstand much more pressure. In fact, it’s common for tempered glasses to handle pressures in excess of 20,000 psi, which is far greater than the display is likely to ever see.

At the same time, outdoor digital signage also needs to consider other glass treatments, such as anti-glare, anti-reflection or anti-pollution. technology under high ambient light. An anti-glare screen is a screen that uses a layer of coating to create a rough surface on the cover lens reflect light. This helps to scatter reflected light at different angles and therefore, reduce any bright glare from the light source. This allows you to use it in bright light settings, like when you’re sitting near open windows or working outdoors, without a noticeable reflection. Anti-reflective technology adds a film or coating to help reduce reflections on the surface by canceling out specific wavelengths of light.

2. IP rated Enclosures

One of the key difference between indoor digital signage and outdoor digital signage is that their IP ratings are different. Since outdoor digital signage runs in an tough outdoor environment, it will be affected by rain, humidity and dust in the air, so it’s needs to be protected with a weatherproof outdoor enclosure. The IP rating describes how well a electronic product resists water and small particulates like dust. For example, IP 65, which means that the display screen of the advertising display is completely sealed against dust and can withstand splashing water without damage.

3. Temperature Control System

Built-in intelligent temperature control system and perfect heat-dissipation system ensure the outdoor screens operation in -20℃ to 50℃ outdoor environment, without any black screen.

During the use of outdoor advertising displays, in addition to rain, snow and wind, it is also necessary to ensure that your advertising displays are not affected by extreme temperatures. For electronic products, freezing or overheating can cause permanent damage to the display. When the outdoor advertising display is running continuously, especially in direct sunlight or high temperature, some components may overheat and fail to operate properly. The automatic temperature control system can prevent this situation and ensure the normal and long-term operation of the advertising display.

4. Visual Performance

The Visual Performance helps you understand how a outdoor digital display will perform outside. The score contains data on luminance, contrast and color saturation to ensure that the image on the screen actually looks good—even on a direct sunlight situation. The LCD outdoor digital signage generally has a high brightness of 2000-3000 nits, and the maximum brightness can reach 5000 nits.

The visual performance also takes into consideration the fact that outdoor displays are often viewed at an angle, not head-on. Because the screens are outside, they have to contend with changing light throughout the day and an environment that is constantly changing.

5. Mounting Options

Digital signage can be installed flexibility, such as hanging, wall-mounted, floor standing, etc. Customers can flexibly choose installation options according to their own marketing purposes and usage environment. To get the most out of your outdoor digital signage, you want to think about your goals and what you want to accomplish with each display that you construct to determine which option is best for you.

When choose your outdoor digital signage, you may have options between LED digital signage, LCD digital signage, printed signs, so make sure that you weigh your options and find the best advertising display for your needs. If you have troubles in this regard, Uniview LCD can help you design the most suitable solution for you.