Exploring The Power Of Local Dimming On The Digital Signage


Display technology is a ubiquitous information dissemination and interaction tool, and commercial display is one of them. It includes LCD screens, LED screens, and other displays, as well as digital signage, advertising displays, interactive e-whiteboards, projections, etc. So how can to effectively reduce power consumption, improve display contrast, and make display colors more vivid?

The latest local dimming digital signage solution launched by Uniview Commercial Display can solve this problem very well. Local Dimming has emerged as a revolutionary innovation that enhances visual experiences across various applications.

What is the Local Dimming?

Local dimming means that the brightness of the LCD backlight changes in real-time according to the brightness of the digital display screen, and the brightness of the LCD backlight is automatically adjusted through a specific algorithm. Make the white point whiter and the black point darker, fully display the bright and vivid display screen, and better restore the purity of color display.

Local dimming involves the integration of synchronized lighting effects with visual displays. By strategically controlling the intensity, color, and timing of backlighting, this technology brings a new level of vibrancy and engagement to digital signage, televisions, monitors, and other digital display devices.

Technical principles

Local Dimming uses a multi-partition image processing algorithm to calculate the brightness of each backlight partition in real time based on the image content of each area and precisely control it. When the brightness of the image displayed on the digital display screen is high, the backlight of the corresponding area is very bright; when the brightness of the image displayed on the digital display screen is low, the backlight of the corresponding area is very dark; when the display screen displayed is black, the backlight of the corresponding area is completely extinguished.

The Advantages of Local Dimming on Digital Signage

Unleashing Visual Brilliance

One of the key advantages of local dimming is its ability to enhance visual brilliance. General digital displays or LCD screens have a low contrast ratio, and few displays have a contrast ratio of more than 2500:1. Because most monitors rely on light from behind the panel to make the image visible, LCD screens cannot prevent all light from escaping the screen. Even if the screen is completely black, these imperfections can cause some light leakage, reducing contrast.

The Left: backlight of the picture shown above corresponds to the light and dark conditions of each area
The Right: display effect of a lcd screen using Local Dimming

By dynamically adjusting the backlight intensity, this technology optimizes contrast levels, resulting in sharper images and richer colors. Adopting local dimming technology, the contrast ratio of the digital display can reach up to 100000:1, making the picture more vivid. Whether you’re watching a movie, playing a video game, or viewing digital artwork, local dimming elevates the visual experience to new heights.

Immersive Entertainment

Local Dimming has made significant strides in the gaming and entertainment industry. With the ability to synchronize backlighting effects with on-screen content, it creates immersive experiences that transcend the boundaries of the display. Whether it’s the pulsating lights that mirror the action in a game or the dynamic color shifts that accompany movies or TV shows, local dimming adds an extra layer of excitement and immersion.

Healthier Viewing Experience

Long hours of screen time can strain the eyes and lead to discomfort. local dimming technology addresses this concern by offering features such as adaptive lighting and blue light reduction. By dynamically adjusting brightness levels based on ambient lighting conditions, it ensures optimal viewing comfort. Additionally, the ability to reduce blue light emissions helps to minimize eye fatigue and promote healthier screen usage.

Energy Saving

How to reduce energy consumption more effectively is a critical consideration in the design process of all electronic products. Local Dimming excels in this aspect by intelligently managing power consumption. Using dynamic backlight technology, the power consumption of digital displays can be significantly reduced, with measured energy savings of up to 30%.


Local Dimming has transformed the way we engage with digital displays, redefining visual experiences across various industries, as well as digital signage displays.

Local Dimming is integrated with digital signage to make the display more delicate, greatly improve the digital display contrast, and reduce energy consumption, bringing additional performance advantages to the LCD digital signage.

If you are interested in digital signage with local dimming, contact us – we will be happy to help you choose the right technology.