6 Ways To Use Digital Signage In The Hotel


One of the key roles of digital signage is in the public area as an important tool for information dissemination, communication and entertainment. Digital signage are applied in every industry now and is one of the fastest growing marketing technologies.

As a hotelier, are you looking for ideas to enhance the guest experience? Or do you want to free your front desk staff from answering the same questions over and over again, day after day? Putting digital signage in the hotel, from reception, lobby, elevator entrance to concierge, conference room, digital signage can allow you to better respond to customer needs and improve customer satisfaction.

Hotel Digital Signage For Reception And Welcome Desks

1. Automatic Check-in

Self-service is now the first choice for many people, especially when there is a long wait or when you are in a hurry, and automatic check-in can be completed in seconds.

2. Real-time Welcome Information

With the help of indoor digital totem in the hotel lobby and front desk, you can display important information and announcements, real-time welcome information, waiting time for entry, notifications and indoor navigation, restaurant business hours, weather forecast, local travel information, etc., and even the next booking Special offers for customers, reducing the queues of guests asking for information at reception and keeping customers informed with everything they need to know.

Maps, Wayfinding and Navigation

Most of the hotel’s customers are visiting the hotel for the first time, and it is easy to get lost in unfamiliar places. Installing a wayfinding kiosk in the hotel can easily find the direction customers want to go.

Especially when the hotel occupies a large area, the wayfinding kiosk is placed near the lobby, reception or elevator entrance to display the location of different hotel wings and convenient facilities, providing customers with more convenience.

Social Media Video Walls

You can also use social media video walls for word of mouth marketing in lobby areas or lounge areas. User feedback, reviews and recommendations from various social media allow customers to easily express their thoughts, experiences, suggestions and complaints, which can not only attract more customers, but also improve your social image.

Restaurant Or Cafeteria

Using digital menus boards to display menu lists, discounts, special dishes, you can create an attractive screen and presentation for any special dish you are currently offering, digital menu boards will make dishes look more delicious.


No matter where people are, they need some fun or entertainment activities to entertain themselves. If you want your guests stay longer in the lobby, restaurant or hotel bar, or reduce their perceived wait time, using entertainment digital display is the best choice.


Of course, hoteliers can also take advantage of local advantages, allowing sponsors to be integrated into digital signage, such as local restaurants, featured attractions, and bars, to share discounts and local special information with customers.

Or, if the hotel is holding an event or celebration, it can also display these interesting activities through digital display and invite guests to participate.

All hotels committed to providing customers with the best experience. Using digital signage can not only improve efficiency and service quality, but also effectively reduce the burden on employees, thereby developing business.

So, are you ready? Contact us now to find out how Uniview Commercial Display’s digital signage can benefit your business.