Digital Signage For Theme Park To Drive Revenue


Under the tense pace of modern life, more and more people choose to relax and get together with their relatives in theme parks on weekends, which can make people get away from modern life and relax to their heart’s content. From wayfinding kiosks to digital menus boards, from welcome display screens to weather forecasts display, the use of digital signage in theme parks can improve the visitor experience.

Digital signage offers theme parks an innovative way to creatively inform visitors while also increasing revenue compared to the large billboards or signs used in the past.

Let’s take a look at the main solutions of digital signage in theme parks.

Wayfind kiosk

One of the more troublesome problems in the theme park is that it is easy to get lost in the park. In the past, most parks used printed signs or route maps to guide the direction. However, it is still troublesome for tourists to find the right direction.

Installing digital signage displays as guides in theme parks can help visitors easily find their way through intuitive 2D or 3D maps (or ‘you are here’ maps). Interactive touch screens make customers feel more engaged and are the most effective way to guide visitors to the right place.

Reduce the perceived waiting time of tourists

Amusement parks or theme parks are public places with a lot of traffic, especially on weekends, so visitors can’t avoid waiting. It will make visitors impatient and feel bad to them. Digital signage is a display that can display dynamic pictures and videos. By displaying interesting videos related to the park, amusement facilities, activity schedules, etc., it allows tourists to reduce the perceived waiting time.

At the same time, a large digital screen can also be used to display the real-time queue status, so that tourists can clearly know the time they need to wait, or consider going to the next scenic spot first to avoid crowding.

Increase advertising revenue

Using digital signage as an advertising display is a successful cross-promotional marketing strategy. Digital signage in retail stores is believed to lead to a 31.8% increase in sales. You could consider displaying your park’s featured events or promotions on digital signage, or you could consider leasing the ad space to brands or other third parties for additional revenue.

For the gift shops, the application of digital signage will be a powerful advertising tool to promote sales.

Uniview LCD Outdoor Digital Signage

Provide timely information and alerts

Using digital signage in theme parks can deliver event notifications, emergency events or closing reminders timely.

One of the advantages of digital signage compared to static advertisements is that it can support remote real-time updates, and audio or video can also be used, so that the content that needs to be updated can be easily updated. Especially in unpredictable emergency situations, it can broadcast early warning in time and evacuate the crowd.

Save money and time

Different application scenarios choose different suitable digital signage, which is more convenient than printing posters and leaflets.

There are various type of digital signage. Generally, outdoor floor standing digital signage or outdoor wall-mounted digital signage with higher brightness can be used around outdoor amusement facilities, and indoor or semi-outdoor digital signage can be used for indoor environments. These digital signs can all be controlled remotely from the same system.

The content management system make update as easy as dragging and dropping the designed content to the playlist on the screen. In this way, the cost of printing media replacement and reprinting is avoided. For theme parks that often need to update frequently according to festivals or events, this undoubtedly saves a lot of cost and time.

Digital displays effectively inform and promote products, services and events to visitors and improve the customers experience. Digital signage offers seamless flexibility that enables for it to be used within all areas of the park.