Croatia Installs Outdoor Digital Signage to Communicate with Citizens


Uniview Commercial Display has extensive digital signage experience, especially the use of outdoor digital signage to improve urban life, provide information and entertainment, and make the city smarter. 

A client from Croatia wanted an outdoor digital signage solution that could improve communication with local citizens. The outdoor digital signage solution need to withstand extreme all-weather conditions such as outdoor rain, snow, and high temperatures. At the same time, these advertising display need to be impact-resistant, and the content must be clearly visible under direct sunlight.

According to customer demand, Uniview Commercial Display recommended this 75-inch outdoor double-sided floor standing digital signage, which is a perfect choice for outdoor digital display.

Unmatched Visibility

Uniview Commercial Display’s outdoor digital signage offers unparalleled visibility, capturing the attention of passersby day and night. With a 4000nits high-brightness advertising display screen, these outdoor digital signage ensure optimal visibility and readability even under direct sunlight.

This feature enables businesses to display their messages and advertisements clearly, maximizing their reach and impact. The readability of digital outdoor signage is exceptional, thanks to superior image quality and advanced digital display technologies. These digital display employ high-resolution display screens, enabling crisp and vivid visuals. Additionally, the digital signage utilize anti-glare coatings that reduce reflections and enhance readability, ensuring that messages are easily comprehensible, regardless of the viewing angle.

Wide Temperature Range

Croatia experiences diverse weather conditions throughout the year, ranging from scorching summers to freezing winters. The digital outdoor signage is built to withstand this wide temperature range of  -30°C~50°C, ensuring reliable performance in extreme weather.

Designed with advanced thermal management systems, automatic temperature regulation and an IP65 water and dustproof enclosure, these outdoor digital signage are capable of operating flawlessly even in harsh conditions, providing businesses with uninterrupted visibility and advertising opportunities. This feature guarantees longevity and reliability, allowing businesses to communicate their messages without worrying about weather-related damage.

IK10 Impact Resistance

Recognizing the need for durability in outdoor environments, the digital outdoor signage boasts an impressive IK10 rating for impact resistance. This means that the advertising display can withstand accidental impacts, vandalism attempts, and harsh weather conditions, ensuring that the investment remains protected and the messages remain visible to the target audience.


From safety notices to local news, event notifications, wayfinding, tourist attractions and more, outdoor digital signage has left a lasting impression on local people. Also these outdoor digital display have transformed the way businesses advertise and communicate with their target audience.