55″ Window Digital Signage For Chain Store


Need to create an eye-catching advertisement for your store or merchandise? Semi-outdoor digital window displays are a great addition to commercial marketing for retail stores, and what better way to communicate your business identity than with dynamic graphics or videos?  Digital window signage offers more possibilities for all scales businesses and commercial brands.

The Belgium-based retailer, with several chain of stores in Belgium, is constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance its image, looking to use cutting-edge technological solutions to stay ahead of the increasingly fierce competition. The customer installed Uniview LCD’s 55 inch semi-outdoor digital display screens in the windows around the store, so that customers can easily notice promotional information and attract customers into the store. Advertisement on digital window display does not need to be printed, and when new promotional information needs to be updated, the promotional information on the screen can be easily and remotely changed. And there are various content display methods such as images, videos, and texts on it.

Vivid advertising pictures and large discounts not only bring visual enjoyment to customers, but also attract customers to enter the store for consumption. In addition, the digital signage displayed by Uniview Commercial has strong durability, high brightness, and excellent thermal management function to support the 24-hour operation of the display. Whether it is rainy or night, it can also make the store stand out and occupy an advantage in the competition.

Advantages of Uniview LCD Signage

Displaying in-store with semi-outdoor digital window signage can bring more customers to your store:

Excellent Visibility

With an excellent brightness of 3000nits, it can display clearly day or night, and can easily attract the attention of passers-by. LED back lighting is much more energy-efficient and provides a pretty brighter image than traditional CCFL back lights. 

Automatic Brightness Adjustment

The window digital display can adjust the brightness of the window screen according to the brightness of the external environment with automatic brightness adjustment function, which can save power consumption while displaying clearly.

Flexible Installation

There are two installation options for window digital display, you can choose to install the ceiling hanging or floor standing type. Equipped with a super slim design and simple but smooth frame, occupying very little space and improving space utilization.

Easy To Manage

A major advantage of digital signage that is different from traditional advertising is that it is easy to update, and companies can easily put pictures, videos, PPT and other content on digital screens. And digital signage can support remote unified management, that is, you can manage any one screen or thousands at anywhere.

Window digital signage improves customer experience and it is your brand’s first contact with potential customers. Using high-brightness window digital signage that displays high-resolution, crisp and immersive image quality is critical to achieving better customer interaction and drawing attention to your brand.